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Pet cage mesh

Pet cage mesh

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian netting

The smell of the tray can distinguish the quality of the tray. The smell of the plastic tray is largely related to the material it is made of. Of course, it will also have a certain impact in the process of processing. Generally, it contains filler and is not transparent. If it does not contain filler, it is transparent. Before the material is heated to chemical decomposition, keep its original hardness not softened and its size relatively stable until carbonization at decomposition temperature.

The more compact the structure, the better the carrying capacity and the better the quality. Generally, if the position of the fork inlet is properly strengthened and the angle measurement can withstand certain drop impact, we think it is a better structure. If the pallet price quoted by the supplier is converted into the price per kilogram, which is lower than the unit price of the raw material market, it indicates that there is a problem with the raw material used for the pallet.

Dalian pet cage company must provide samples first, and must test (24 hours * 7) to see if it can reach the marked load. Plastic fillers such as talcum powder (white) are much cheaper than new raw materials (white). After being added, the surface luster of plastic tray will look brighter. As the saying goes, it is a little fake and abnormal, and the production cost will be reduced.



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