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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian pet cage provides a cage for cats. It doesn't mean that you keep cats in the cage all the time. The cage can only be used as a temporary place to take care of the cat. If you plan to keep the cat closed for a long time, you are advised not to keep the cat. Cats are not suitable for long-term cage, except for the special situation just mentioned.

Sometimes a cat needs a cage because there are more cats in the house. Dalian pet cage consultation needs cage isolation, or the cat is ill and needs a cage for several days. Double layer or multi-layer cage can put down cat's nest, bowl and even litter basin. Generally, the cat's nest is placed on the upper layer and the litter basin is placed on the lower layer. The purpose of training is to "teach", not "scold".

A good way is to praise and touch the dog frequently, so that the dog can understand the expression of the owner's happy mood. The main purpose is to make him feel that the cage is his nest, not the place where he is confined. He can put more toys he likes in the cage. If a person is at home, the cage can not be locked first. Open the door to let him in and out freely. Don't make him afraid. Make him get used to sleeping in the cage at night.



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