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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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There are many cases of painting pet cages in Dalian. The general design life of this kind of painting is 25 years, and the general coating is damaged in 3-5 years. Nowadays, the cost of this method is relatively low; the purpose of painting is to make the iron mesh coordinate with the nature; it is usually green paint; it is made of bamboo or wood or plastic for storing animals or articles.

There are also wickers. Later, it developed to metal system. There are various shapes, some of them are ornamental, some of them are very practical. Isolation cage is especially important for multi cat families. If you want to pick up a new cat at home, it's convenient to have a cage to temporarily separate the new cat from the aboriginal cat.

In fact, it is quite suitable to arrange the cage as a delivery room. But after the sterilization operation, the cat is easily excited. In order to prevent the cat from pulling the wound, it is easier to isolate them in a small space and let them recover. There is also a small cage that is specially used for bathing cats. The small cage can control the cat when bathing and blowing hair to prevent it from being scratched.



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