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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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If Dalian pet cage wire is mesh, it will greatly weaken the energy of electromagnetic wave, and the electromagnetic wave continues to spread through the wire mesh is very few. The main difference lies in the different materials. Any metal will be oxidized when encountering the atmosphere. Stainless steel mesh is oxidized on the surface. Metal passivation occurs, and then it has the ability to resist rust. If this passivation layer is damaged, the exposed metal inside will be passivated again.

So as to protect it from internal corrosion. It's equivalent to self-healing, and self-protection. For a long time, the surface of the fence is dirty and old. The cleaning of the wire mesh fence shall be determined according to the requirements of the surface treatment of the wire mesh fence. If the surface is galvanized, it is not recommended to wash it with water, because the galvanized treatment infiltrates a layer of zinc into the wire, and the zinc layer will fall off when it is used for a long time in the humid place.

There will be treatment of working points during the treatment of spray and dip molding. The plastic coating of these working points is uneven. Customers pay more attention to the maintenance of the working points by painting. Regular maintenance and cleaning strengthen the service life of the wire mesh fence and improve the aesthetic effect. Self painting for maintenance is OK.



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