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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Staying in a cage always has more advantages than disadvantages. Let him feel that the cage is his nest, not the place of confinement. He can put more toys in the cage. Don't let him be afraid. Make him get used to sleeping in the cage at night. A big warm mat is still a dog that the dog likes for a month.

The key point of Dalian pet cage factory's cage training is not to make dogs afraid of cages, so when dog owners do "cage training" for dogs at first, they should make dogs feel that the cage is a paradise that can give them safety and warmth, rather than a place to punish them, and then let dogs get used to "cage training" slowly.

Can often use snacks to guide dogs into the cage. When the dog enters the cage, he can give two snacks. After the dog comes out of the cage, he can give a snack, and then repeat the in and out movements. Dogs have the concept of quantity. They will soon learn that there are two snacks in the cage and one out of the cage. It is better to enter the cage. In fact, the same effect can be achieved by adding anti cracking agent into the cement backfill



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