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Pet cage mesh

Pet cage mesh

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian netting

In fact, the same effect can be achieved by adding anti cracking agent into the cement backfill. The cement is alkaline and porous structure. It absorbs water and breathes. The wire mesh will rust for a long time. Therefore, the concrete reinforcement usually cracks from the joint. If it touches the heating and softening ground heating pipes, there will be unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is not recommended to add wire mesh for the natural and ground heating. There are many ways to achieve the same effect as wire mesh.

Most of the steel wire mesh is added according to the requirements of Party A. The habitual practices in every region of the country are also different. We should do as the Romans do. When the frequency of electromagnetic interference is high, the eddy current produced in the metal material with low resistivity is used to counteract the external electromagnetic wave, so as to achieve the shielding effect. At the same time, it is also required that the whole shield surface must be conductive and continuous, and there should be no conductor that can directly penetrate the shield. This can play a good shielding role.



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