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Pet cage mesh

Pet cage mesh

  • Classification:Mesh
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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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It's normal not to like to stay in the cage, but anyway, the advantages of staying in the cage are greater than the disadvantages. The main thing is to make the dog feel that the cage is his nest, not the place where he is confined, he can put more toys he likes in the cage. If a person is at home, the cage can not be locked first, and open the door to let him in and out freely.

The advantage of cage is not only to protect the dog. It is also a good tool for training dogs to go to the toilet, and it can also cultivate the quiet character of dogs alone. Try to cover his cage with breathable and light proof cloth to create a safe feeling for him.

When there are guests who don't like or are afraid of dogs at home, they can put the dogs back into the cage to give the dogs and guests a comfortable environment. Because the dog can feel the tension of the guests, which causes the dog's tension and excitement. Don't close the cage door. Open the cage door and accompany GG inside. Come out in about 10-15 minutes. Repeat every day, extend time, close the cage door gradually, so that he is used to being alone in it.



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