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Pet cage mesh

Pet cage mesh

  • Classification:Mesh
  • Views:second
  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian mesh ready tools, sorting box, welding pen, wire mesh, wire pliers, scissors, nylon ties, sandpaper, markers and ruler. Pay attention to leave a chassis, 6-10cm can) slowly cut, pay attention not to hot hands. The process of plastic melting will have taste. It needs to open windows to disperse the taste and wear masks.

Iron the hole at about 1cm of the square and four sides just cut, and tie the nylon strap later. Fix the wire on the finishing box with nylon tie and reduce the extra length. Try to buy a large, transparent, one-time box, because the small box hamster can't open.

The ruler is placed on the drawn line. A knife is lighter, then a bit deeper, and then a fold will break. Packed in a special pet box in Beijing, I'm not sure whether I can get in or not. It should be OK in other places. The importance of captivity may not be realized. First of all, we should establish the concept that cage is responsible for dogs. The cage actually provides the dog with a space of his own, where the dog will feel safe.



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