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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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In general, the number of outer electrons of the atoms of sodium, magnesium, aluminum and other metals in Dalian mesh is less than 4, which is easy to lose in the chemical reaction. The number of outer electrons of the atoms of non-metallic elements is greater than or equal to 4, which is easy to get electrons; they tend to reach a relatively stable structure; therefore, the answer is: dejector. Metal has a definite freezing point in the process of cooling and solidification from the liquid state. Only when its atoms are arranged according to a certain rule can a crystal be formed. Further oxidation of the metal interior indirectly plays an anti-corrosion role.

For example, Al (aluminum) is actually more active and oxidizable than iron, but usually we seldom notice its rust, that's why. At high temperature, Fe can also form a layer of dense Fe3O4 film, which can also play a role in corrosion protection. This is because the chemical properties of most metals are relatively active, and only a few metals such as gold and silver exist in free state.

The metal produced by Dalian mesh factory widely exists in nature and is widely used in daily life. It is a kind of material which is very important and widely used in modern industry. The melting point of tungsten is very high, the conductivity of copper is good, the expansibility of gold is good, the ductility of platinum is good, the mercury at room temperature is liquid and so on. In addition, the alloy has better corrosion resistance, higher hardness and strength, and lower melting point than metal.





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