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Plastic tray

Plastic tray

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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The load-bearing of plastic tray is better than that of wooden tray, and it is also more resistant to falling and wear. Generally, there are three standards for the load-bearing of plastic pallet: static load, dynamic load and shelf load. According to the different types and specifications of plastic pallet, the load-bearing is also different. Wood pallets are superior to plastic pallets in terms of use cost, service life, environmental protection and maintainability.

Of course, plastic tray has its advantages in some specific fields, such as medicine and food. Pallets are a means of keeping prices up, not falling with stocks. In the case of a bad situation with a large plate, the large single tray in a stock plate is to reduce the pressure of the plate.

Dalian plastic tray stock market is such that there is no true or false or right or wrong, tray is a way to attract retail investors to follow the trend of shipping, but the main force can also be reversed. Another common "tray" has obvious significance of protecting the market, which often appears in the situation of sharp unilateral decline of the market.



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