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Plastic tray

Plastic tray

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian plastic pallet has the advantages of detachable and replaceable parts, especially the ECR standard wooden pallet of China Merchants Lukai, which is close to the quality standard of plastic pallet, and the price is only half of that of plastic pallet. Compared with the same type of wooden pallet, its quality standard and product reliability are more than the general wooden pallet, and its bearing capacity and service life are ahead of the same kind of products, and the flat pallet is almost the pallet Pronoun, as long as a tray, generally refers to flat tray, because flat tray is widely used, large number of use, good versatility.

The flat tray can be divided into three types. There are five kinds of pallet: wooden pallet, steel pallet, plastic pallet, composite pallet and paper pallet. According to the Pallet Professional Committee of China Federation of logistics and procurement, a preliminary survey was conducted in 2011 on a number of domestic pallet manufacturers, pallet use and sales enterprises.

Tray also means that when a certain stock is in the stage of rising, Dalian plastic tray manufacturers are on the day of rising, and in the middle of the three buying orders, there will always be a large single tray, so the main force of the stock is to reduce selling pressure and induce shipping behavior.



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