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Plastic tray

Plastic tray

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Dalian plastic pallet blow molding pallet can be used in the cold storage, it can bear low temperature of - 40 ℃, but the pallet used in the cold storage must choose the pure new material pallet, do not choose the returned material cheaply. Plastic pallets for cold storage are easy to clean and disinfect. They are not easy to be polluted and have good stability. Plastic pallets are light in weight, solid in structure, but high in cost and made of plastic.

It belongs to non degradable material, which will cause great pollution to the environment. But the cost of wooden pallet is lower, and adopting rotation cutting mode will better protect the ecological environment, more environmental protection than plastic pallet, and more recycling and sustainable development of enterprises. Generally speaking, the load-bearing performance of plastic pallet is better, and with the development of modern logistics.

The load-bearing plastic tray can meet the needs of the industry. Pallets are a means of keeping prices up, not falling with stocks. In the case of a bad situation with a large plate, the large single tray in a stock plate is to reduce the pressure of the plate.



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