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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Articles made of bamboo or wood or plastic for storing animals or articles in Dalian pet cage. There are also wickers. Later, it developed to metal system. There are various shapes, some of them are ornamental, some of them are very practical. Lay dry straw, hay or newspaper on the bottom of the cage to make the hamster have a warm and comfortable nest and sleep comfortably.

Hamsters like to dig holes. The hay laid in the cage should be thick enough to allow them to dig holes and dive in completely. A little hard stick or branch can be prepared in the cage, because hamsters have the habit of grinding their teeth. The stick can be used by hamsters for grinding their teeth.

Determine the size of the dog cage according to the actual size of the dog as an adult. Too small cage is not suitable for dogs. Generally, the size of the cage should be three times the size of the dog. When selecting a dog cage, it should be noted that the upper part and the upper corner of the cage have little effect on the dog. Therefore, the actual dog cage size should be at least 2-3 dogs' length and width. In this way, the dog has enough space to turn around and walk a few steps without any problem.



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