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Pet cage

Pet cage

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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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Which is the best pet cage in Dalian? When he needs to be alone, he knows where to find a safe place for himself. Dogs are cave animals, like small, dark closed environment, so try to cover his cage around the air and shade cloth, to create a safe feeling for him.

You can find a large cloth to cover the cage and create a cave feeling for GG. Dalian pet cage will guide you correctly and you will find that they will like their cage soon. Of course, in the beginning, we should guide GG to get used to the cage. He can put his favorite toys and food in it. Let him get used to being alone in it.

Remember, when the dog is just locked in, it is likely to cry and sob to get your sympathy. At this time, you must take an indifferent attitude. Soon he will know that the trick is not easy to use and will give up. The key point of "cage training" is not to make the dog afraid of the cage, so at the beginning of the dog owner's "cage training" for the dog, he should make the dog feel that the cage is a safe and warm paradise, rather than a punishment area, and then let the dog get used to "cage training" slowly.



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