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Pet cage mesh

Pet cage mesh

  • Classification:Mesh
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  • Date of issue:2020-02-11
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If the dog still hates the cage very much, the parents can often use snacks to guide the dog into the cage when they are at home. When the dog enters the cage, he can give two snacks. After the dog comes out of the cage, he can give a snack, and then repeat the in and out movements. Dogs have the concept of quantity. They will soon learn that there are two snacks in the cage and one out of the cage. It is better to enter the cage.

This step can also use a small skill, that is, feeding is carried out in the cage in the morning and evening. Guide the dog into the cage with food. Do not force the dog into the cage, but let it walk in willingly. When the dog is eating, he will quietly close the cage and open it as soon as he has finished eating.

To appease the dog, close the cage door at the beginning, let the dog out for 30 minutes to drink water, and then continue the cage training. The price of Dalian mesh can gradually extend the interval between releasing dogs to drink water. It is recommended that dogs should be trained in cages at four hour intervals. Every four hours, let the dog out to go to the toilet and drink water. When dogs learn this way, they will habitually go into the cage.



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