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Impression of plastic tray


Dalian plastic pallet which good Dalian plastic pallet for this question, the answer to this question is very simple: pure color of course does not affect the quality of plastic pallet products. In our daily life, when we buy plastic pallets, we can see that the color of plastic pallets is various, including blue, green, black, yellow and other colors, which makes it convenient for many plastic pallet manufacturers to use recycled plastic pallets.

On the one hand, it disturbs the market order, on the other hand, it is the users who suffer losses. It also uses some users to compare the weight of the product and add some heavy substances such as calcium carbonate to the product, which not only reduces their production cost but also greatly improves the weight of the product itself, but also keeps the consumers in the dark.

From the perspective of the mainstream characteristics of domestic plastic pallet products, it is only the characteristics of the products themselves, which cannot form a brand benefit without some other functions. Because the function of the product will change, it is difficult to leave a fixed impression on the market, and in the future, it will still remember a brand of plastic pallet.

This is why many enterprises are willing to spend a lot of money to build the industry brand. , because their materials are similar, but there will be differences in color. If it is only used in daily life, without using classification, common blue can be used.

If the application is relatively extensive, and the product category is also more, you can choose color plastic tray. It has a long service life and can be reused in a bad way; for special size requirements, it can not be met sometimes. As the plastic pallet is basically formed in one time, its repairability is very low after damage. After damage to a certain extent, it can only be scrapped, but the waste can be recycled. When purchasing, one-time investment is large, generally 2-5 times of wooden pallet.




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