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Are there many plastic pallets with wood sense


Dalian plastic tray in the domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a professional high-speed production of high-strength blow molding tray super large hollow molding machine, using hmwhdpe high-strength plastic production, molding speed, product quality, with high strength, high stiffness, very long service life, the general blow molding tray service life can reach 5-10 years.

Because of its long service life, its cost performance is high for all pallets. With the price of forming equipment greatly reduced, this method has a great advantage in saving limited oil resources and logistics costs. The third is vacuum molding. There are also two kinds of plastic pallets produced by vacuum molding, one-sided and two-sided. The double-sided plastic tray is of assembly type, which can be divided into two forms: the top half is extruded plastic plate with fixed length and width, and the bottom half is large vacuum plastic products.

The upper and lower half are large vacuum plastic products. Large vacuum equipment is needed for the production and molding of the method. The equipment cost is low, and the mold cost is also low, but the product wall thickness is uneven. The appearance of plastic composite material promotes the development of plastic pallet by extrusion molding.

It is made of natural plant fiber (including wood powder, fruit shell, straw powder, rice bran, etc.) and waste plastic. It makes the plastic tray not only have the wood sense, but also have the advantages of water resistance and insect resistance, and can plane, saw and nail.

The storage temperature of the fresh-keeping storehouse is generally 0-5, which is mainly used to ensure the freshness of fresh meat, dairy products, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables, to ensure that the food is in a low temperature environment, and the temperature is not lower than 0. In this environment, the food can be kept fresh as much as possible. Mesh plastic tray is not easy to clean because of its large number of mesh. Therefore, the flat plastic tray which is easy to clean should be selected.




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