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Plastic tray with partial return


Dalian plastic tray structure can be divided into double-sided plastic tray, chuanzi plastic tray, Tianzi plastic tray and Jiujiao plastic tray. Generally speaking, the more compact the structure, the better the carrying capacity and the better the quality. Generally, if the position of the fork inlet is properly strengthened and the angle measurement can withstand certain drop impact, we think it is a better structure.

The main component of the production cost of plastic pallet: (pallet self weight * unit price of raw materials) processing cost and freight tax. If the pallet price quoted by the supplier is converted into the price per kilogram, it is lower than the unit price of raw material market, which indicates that there is a problem with the raw materials used for the pallet. The manufacturer must provide samples first, and test must be carried out (24 hours * 7) to see whether the marked load capacity can be reached. Many people will mistakenly think that this kind of plastic tray is made of brand-new materials, but the service life of this kind of plastic tray is relatively short, and it is difficult to reach the marked carrying capacity, or even better than the plastic tray with some recycled materials added.

There are also differences in load bearing. Compared with chuanzi and Tianzi plastic pallets, Jiujiao plastic pallets are light plastic pallets with relatively low load-bearing performance. There is not much difference between chuanzi and Tianzi plastic pallets in terms of load-bearing performance. You can choose according to actual needs. It is divided into double-sided integral plastic tray and double-sided assembled plastic tray. The double-sided integral tray is generally produced by injection molding machine with self weight of more than 15kg / piece and complex shape, requiring a clamping force of more than 2500t.

This kind of tray has complex shape, large investment and high cost, but due to less production process and higher production efficiency, extrusion hollow blow molding method. The extrusion hollow blow molding of plastic tray is similar to the general blow molding method of hollow products. Because the products are large and double-sided, a large extruder is needed.




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