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How about double-sided plastic tray


To explore the crystallization and amorphous of double-sided plastic tray, the appearance of crystalline plastic is translucent, opaque or opaque, only in the film state is transparent, hardness from soft to horny. Amorphous is generally colorless, completely transparent without additives, hardness from hard to horny rubber; softened when heated, easy to melt, and transparent when melted.

It can often be pulled from the melt and is usually easy to heat close. The common plastic tray structure can be divided into double-sided plastic tray, chuanzi plastic tray, Tianzi plastic tray and Jiujiao plastic tray. Generally speaking, the more compact the structure, the better the carrying capacity and the better the quality. 

Generally, if the position of the fork inlet is properly strengthened and the angle measurement can withstand certain drop impact, we think it is a better structure.

The thermal conductivity of plastic is lower, the heat insulation effect is 12.50 times better than that of aluminum, and it still has good air tightness in the cold area of minus dozens of degrees. The water tightness shall be in accordance with the provisions of didn8055, and the water absorption rate shall be less than 0%. The design shall be provided with rain proof board and drainage slot hole, which can completely isolate the rainwater from the outside.

Plastic fillers such as talcum powder (white) are much cheaper than new raw materials (white). After being added, the surface luster of plastic tray will look brighter. As the saying goes, it is a little fake and abnormal, and the production cost will be reduced. The color is very dark, black spots and many impurities are all processed by return materials.

There are cracks on the edges and corners when trampling or knocking. The material is brittle and inelastic. If the pallet price quoted by the supplier is converted into the price per kilogram, which is lower than the unit price of the raw material market, it indicates that there is a problem with the raw material used for the pallet. The manufacturer must provide samples first, and test must be carried out (24 hours * 7) to see whether the marked load capacity can be reached.




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