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There will be work points in the network


If the surface of Dalian mesh is galvanized, it is not recommended to wash it with water, because the galvanized treatment infiltrates a layer of zinc into the iron wire, and the zinc layer will fall off when it is used in wet places for a long time. Water cleaning is not recommended. High pressure air blowing or vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning. Pay more attention to the fall off of zinc layer. If there is a fall off of zinc layer, spray some silver powder paint for maintenance.

Dust can be removed by means of high-pressure water spray. There will be treatment of working points during the treatment of spray and dip molding. The plastic coating of these working points is uneven. Customers pay more attention to the maintenance of the working points by painting. Railway information collection is formed by combining the communication equipment (or data communication network) of electronic computers and terminal devices set up by railway departments in different places with corresponding communication protocols.

A system of storage and processing. Its function is to realize the sharing of resources (hardware, software, data and files) in the whole network, and it is an indispensable part of the automation of railway operation comprehensive management. The evaporator of the freezer is connected with the refrigeration system pipeline. If it is to be removed, it will easily cause serious damage to the refrigeration system of the refrigerator.

Barbed wire is produced by fully automatic barbed wire machine. Generally, a rope isolation fence is formed with the iron wire column, so as to play the role of isolation and protection. Generally, the iron wire column is round pipe or U-shaped steel square pipe and GRC composite column. Plastic impregnated iron wire. Connection of iron wire and column and use of iron wire barrier farm.

Animal husbandry fence, breeding fence, garden protection highway fence, plant area, mining area fence protection. In fact, there are many cases of painting after electroplating. The general design life of this kind of painting is also 25 years, while the general coating is completely damaged in 3-5 years.




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