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Talk about the same effect between nets


Dalian mesh draws a plane, the number of segments is set to appropriate, then add lattice modifier, do not add any modifier to the plane, just use the wireframe material in the material. The wire mesh will rust for a long time, so the concrete reinforcement is usually cracked from the joint, and if it touches the ground heating pipe which is softened by heat.

There will be unnecessary trouble, so it's not recommended to add wire mesh for the weather and the ground are warm. There are many ways to achieve the same effect as wire mesh. In most projects, the steel wire mesh is laid on the heat insulation layer to fix the heating pipe. According to jgj142-2004:5.3.6, the heating pipe shall be provided with fixing device.

Most of the steel wire mesh is added according to the requirements of Party A. The habitual practices in every region of the country are also different. We should do as the Romans do. When the frequency of electromagnetic interference is high, the eddy current produced in the metal material with low resistivity is used to counteract the external electromagnetic wave, so as to achieve the shielding effect.

In some cases, if it is required to have good shielding effect on both high-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic fields, different metal materials are often used to form multilayer shielding body. As long as the conductive material is good, it can be used as electromagnetic shielding. For example: conductive rubber, metal mesh, organic conductive materials, etc.

The shielding condition is that the electromagnetic wave is not very strong and the field strength changes not very fast. In fact, complete shielding is impossible. The railway that plays the role of liaison and auxiliary in the railway network, or the passenger and freight traffic volume in recent years is less than 20MT and ≥ 10MT; the diameter is about 2m. Too big, easy to burst wire mesh, and, ventilation is not good, easy to mold. It's too small, it's not economical, it's too little. Unless the medium space (such as a black hole) is shielded from electromagnetic waves.




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