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The relationship between precision machining and mesh


The fluctuation range of the solid content, viscosity, gelation time and water solubility of the liquid phenolic resin of Dalian mesh has different degrees of influence. Therefore, the grinding wheel manufacturer must formulate its own technical specifications and scope of its own liquid resin according to its own product performance requirements, combined with its own mixing, molding and hardening technology characteristics.

At the same time, when the customer uses the grinding wheel to cut, it shows that the grinding wheel is skewed, the control force of the flange plate is not enough, and it will jump and break seriously. Large slice film is also a long-term technical problem for resin abrasive tool manufacturers. The main reason is the uneven stress of the grinding wheel in the hardening process. Sewage treatment tank and other reinforced concrete structures.

The steel mesh is used in road, bridge, airport, garden, public place, square, highway, railway, highway, factory and other barriers. Grinding with abrasive tools is a very important kind of machining method, and it is the most basic and processing method of precision machining and ultra precision machining, which is widely used in industry.

The mixing uniformity of resin powder and Urotropine is that Urotropine is used as hardener of resin, the addition amount of urotropine is insufficient, the resin hardening is not complete, which affects the strength and hardness of grinding wheel; if the content is too high, the excessive Urotropine will not combine with resin, decompose and volatilize during the hardening process, increase the porosity of grinding wheel, and reduce its strength and hardness.

Equipment problem: production equipment is an important material condition for grinding wheel production. Some enterprises are lack of equipment, such as no good mixer, small tonnage specification of hydraulic press, etc.; at the same time, equipment maintenance is poor, and product quality is not easy to guarantee. The change of strength and cutting and grinding performance of each batch of resin grinding wheel in the production cycle (such as different seasons in a year).




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