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Continuously improved performance of Dalian mesh


The stable mesh of Dalian mesh technical index is used in resin grinding wheel, the important role is to improve the strength of grinding wheel. With the continuous improvement of the performance of resin grinding wheel, the role of mesh in resin grinding wheel is very important. With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of the grinding wheel in the market, especially the increase of the demand for high-efficiency grinding wheel, the formula diversification of resin grinding wheel manufacturers is more obvious.

In this way, the phenomenon of grinding disc delamination occurs frequently in the process of manufacturing and using. They are only the expression of resin properties, and the extent of influence on the performance of grinding wheel products can only be determined according to the actual application of each resin grinding wheel factory.

The process of powder resin is an important performance index that affects the structure of binder. The particle size (particle size, fineness) affects the amount of wetting agent, and the content of volatile (free phenol, water) is also very important. Raw material inspection, process inspection and delivery inspection are important contents for resin grinding wheel manufacturing enterprises to implement effective inspection and control

However, there are few enterprises that do standardized and standardized management. Even for the resin slice cutting wheel and cymbal wheel with coarser particle size, the particle size of binder (resin powder) should be smaller than 320 × 3. However, if the particle size of phenolic resin powder is too fine, it is difficult to achieve the homogeneity of the mixture, which affects the cutting and grinding performance of resin grinding wheel.

The problems of resin grinding wheel manufacturing process include incomplete system, unfulfilled functions, lax management, out of control shortage of inspection equipment, and poor professional quality of inspectors. The inspection equipment is not complete. The inspection equipment of resin grinding wheel has three parts: rotation strength testing machine.




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