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Must be a secured plastic pallet


To master the skills of using Dalian plastic pallet, first of all, do not let the fork foot of the forklift collide with the side foot and the supporting surface of the plastic pallet, second, pay attention to the wheels of the forklift, do not let the forklift hit the bottom crossbeam of the plastic pallet, which is particularly noted in the manual forklift (handcart). In addition, the thick plastic pallet can also be divided into two barrels of thick plastic pallet, of course, depending on the physical specifications and materials, which can be directly weighed.

The plastic tray should be handled gently to avoid uneven stress and damage when landing. When arranging the goods, they should be arranged evenly, from the middle to the surrounding, so as to avoid uneven stress and side deflection in the application process. It is strictly prohibited to throw the plastic tray from a high place, so as to avoid cracking and cracking of the plastic tray due to severe impact.

 Because of its structure and material, plastic pallet is not designed for the operation mode of local stress, but also becomes the spill pallet. The consciousness is that it can control the leakage, which is all because of its unique design with the drain tank. In other aspects, it is also the same as the general plastic pallet. Quality requirements.

As the goods to be exported, the quality must be guaranteed. The quality is very important for a company and a country. In addition, all kinds of thick plastic trays have their own slope, and this slope can be used in general. At present, most of them are made of polyethylene. Because polyethylene has strong impact resistance, can withstand low temperature and acid and alkali, the storage department uses more. In addition, the plastic tray meets the environmental protection requirements, and the waste tray material can be recycled.




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