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Talk about the service life of plastic tray


Dalian plastic pallet can store, transport and turnover containers such as oil drums and chemical drums which are easy to leak, and leakage will cause serious damage, so that all leaks will flow into the leakage tank and will not flow to the ground. Of course, thick blister tray can also be used to turn general goods, but this is overqualified. Shorten service life.

If it is not used for a long time, please cover it with sunshade cloth or rain cloth. Plastic tray may be damaged due to various reasons after being used for a period of time. It should be repaired in time to maintain its service life. In what kind of environment, how much weight? These must be understood before use, over load, will crush the plastic tray. Polypropylene has excellent mechanical properties.

Its strength and elasticity are higher than HDPE, and its bending fatigue resistance is better. It has good heat resistance and chemical stability. It is stable to other chemical reagents except for being eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid. Polypropylene flame has excellent high frequency insulation performance and almost no water absorption. This is convenient for forklift to pick up goods and improve work efficiency.

Such a tray generally selects the structure of Tian word lines. There are various sizes and materials of pallets. Here, the common 1000 * 1200mm size pallets are used for corred shelves, so we suggest that during the use process, do not put the products on one point of the plastic pallets, and do not use other heavy objects with small stress surface to press the stress surface of the plastic pallets.

Plastic pallet size thick plastic pallet is a kind of plastic pallet with special functions. When the plastic pallet is put on the shelf, it must accept the shelf type pallet and cannot exceed the load of the plastic pallet. The fork stab shall not hit the side of the tray to avoid the tray cracking.




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