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Plastic tray is not moldy


Dalian plastic tray sometimes in order to put on the wall side, better use of space, there are also 4 barrels of straight thick blister tray. Single side pallet has only one loading surface, so it is not suitable for stacking, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the lower layer goods. Therefore, if the goods need to be stacked after being transferred, double-sided pallet must be selected as far as possible.

If the pallet is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse, it is necessary to determine the most accurate load according to its own use, such as static load and dynamic load of plastic pallet. Environmental protection of materials. The materials used for pallets include adhesives and some paper products, making it easy, fast and simple to move chemical storage barrels up and down. High intensity.

The removable leakage isolation plate is also a feature of this tray, mainly for the convenience of replacement. Polyethylene has good impact resistance and cold resistance. Good oil resistance, water absorption and micro, low water permeability, good electrical insulation. The plastic tray is processed by injection molding, blow molding and other processes with some additives to improve performance.

Compared with the wooden pallet, the plastic pallet has the advantages of good integrity, sanitation and cleanness, easy to wash and disinfect, light weight, no nails, acid and alkali resistance, no mildew, etc. its service life is 5-7 times of that of the wooden pallet. It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods into the plastic tray from a high place. Pallets carrying heavy objects shall be placed on flat ground or on the surface of objects.

Where to use the material tray: on flat ground or on the shelf, as a base plate, or often with a forklift. There are nine foot tray, Tian Zi tray, Chuan Zi tray, etc. Strictly abide by the principle and basis of production and relevant procedures to ensure the quality of export pallets.




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