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Are there many meshes forming network structure


Dalian mesh steel welding mesh, steel mesh, etc. It is a mesh with longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement arranged at a certain distance and at right angles to each other and all intersections welded together. Generally, overlap method is used. That is, the lapping method of one mesh overlapped on another. No lap joint shall be set for the main reinforcement to penetrate into the bearing, and the depth length shall not be less than 10d (D is the diameter of the reinforcement), and shall not be less than 100mm.

The spacing shall not be more than 400mm, and the anchorage length extending into the support shall not be less than 10d (D is the diameter of longitudinal stressed reinforcement), and shall not be less than 100mm. The distance between the outermost reinforcement of the mesh and the edge of the beam shall not be greater than 1 / 2 of the distance between the reinforcements in this direction, and shall not be greater than 100mm. When there is a conflict between the mesh distribution reinforcement and the column reserved reinforcement, the distribution reinforcement can be cut and no reinforcement is necessary.

Rolled ribbed steel bars began to be produced in China at the end of 1980s. In the past 10 years, especially in recent years, they have developed rapidly and become a new type of steel mainly promoted by the Ministry of construction. The rapid development of cold-rolled ribbed bars provides good conditions for the development of welded mesh. China's welding net product standard has been implemented since December 1995, which is of great significance to guide production and ensure product quality.

The use regulations were also formally implemented in February 1998, which played a positive role in accelerating the promotion and application. The longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement of welded steel mesh form a network structure, so it has good bond and anchorage with concrete, and the load borne is evenly distributed, which obviously improves the anti-seismic cracking performance of reinforced concrete structure.

According to the actual test, more than 75% of the cracks can be reduced when the road is paved with welded steel mesh compared with the artificial fence. Crb550 cold rolled ribbed steel bars or HRB400 hot rolled ribbed steel bars shall be used for steel welded fabric, or cpb550 cold drawn plain steel bars shall be used.




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