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How to improve the construction speed of mesh


The small diameter and large spacing of welded steel fabric used in Dalian mesh reinforced concrete pavement shall comply with the provisions of the current industry standard code for design of highway cement concrete pavement JTG D40. When cold-rolled ribbed bars are used, the diameter of the bars shall not be less than 8mm, the spacing between longitudinal bars shall not be greater than 200mm, and the spacing between transverse bars shall not be greater than 300mm.

Under the concrete surface, there is a circular tubular structure crossing horizontally. When the distance between the top and the bottom of the surface is less than 1200mm, a single layer of steel welded mesh shall be arranged in the concrete surface on both sides of the structure. The steel welded mesh shall be set at the place 1 / 4-1 / 3 of the thickness from the top of the surface. In order to better display the charm of the market, it is necessary to master the requirements of future network selection in time, pay attention to details and market.

With more rapid, convenient and practical development specifications, the use of mesh is no longer troublesome. Obviously improve the construction speed. It's very intuitive to understand the rapid development of practicability from the perspective of information fusion. The network slice can take more reasonable space, and constantly mediate the choice, market and life. It is also to let individual consumers rely on this choice.

Correctly grasp the necessity of choosing the right mesh in the future. Mesh is now generally used in automatic row welding machine or gantry welding machine. However, it also depends on the number of welding, whether it is batch or not; steel mesh and other steel welded mesh is the mesh with longitudinal steel bars and transverse steel bars arranged at a certain distance and at right angles to each other, and all intersections welded together.

Through the quality acceptance of thousands of bridge application projects in China, it shows that the quality of bridge deck pavement is significantly improved by using welding network, the qualified rate of protective layer thickness is more than 97%, the flatness of bridge deck is improved, the bridge deck is almost crack free, the speed of pavement is increased by more than 50%, and the price of bridge deck pavement project is reduced by about 10%.




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