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It should be noted that binding mesh is not suitable


The selection of Dalian mesh is based on the selection. This kind of common material in the current construction process, the price is not particularly high, but in the process of safety protection, the success affects the data of the material. I believe that in the future market, we should pay attention to the whole product, and the selection of mesh is no longer simply based on the design of the product.

When selecting the machine, we should pay attention to the size of the welded mesh and the thickness of the wire. We can consult with the manufacturer for details. Steel welded mesh is also known as: welded steel mesh, steel mesh, steel welded mesh, steel welded mesh. When the concrete pavement is connected with the bridge and the bridge head is provided with an approach slab, a 6-10 mm long reinforced concrete surface transition slab shall be set between the approach slab and the concrete surface slab.

When the bridge is skew, the sharp corner of the reinforced concrete slab shall be reinforced with welded steel mesh. It is not suitable to use welded mesh for binding reinforcement. The diameter and spacing of welded steel fabric for bridge deck pavement shall be determined according to the bridge structure and load grade. The spacing of welded steel mesh can be 100-200mm, and its diameter should be 6-100mm.

The vertical and horizontal spacing of the welded steel mesh should be equal, and the thickness of the protective layer between the welded mesh and the top surface should not be less than 20 mm. When laying the bottom net, the short span direction net shall be laid first, and then the long span direction net. When laying the mesh, the mesh in the vertical direction of the beam with low elevation shall be laid first, and then the mesh in the vertical direction of the beam with high elevation shall be laid.

According to the raw materials, the welded mesh of steel bars can be divided into: welded mesh of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, welded mesh of cold drawn plain round steel bars and welded mesh of hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, of which the welded mesh of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars is the most widely used. According to the brand, diameter, length and spacing of reinforcement, the welded fabric of reinforcement can be divided into two types: the fixed welded fabric and the customized welded fabric.




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