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The relationship between color and plastic pallet


In addition, some users compare the product weight to measure the price of each plastic pallet product based on the product weight. In fact, this practice has been detected by sensitive manufacturers for a long time. They are taking advantage of this psychology of consumers, which is currently the mainstream of domestic plastic pallet products.

Therefore, when purchasing plastic pallets, it can facilitate the division and attribution of categories. Do not simply look at one side, quality or color of pallets, but look at quality from multiple perspectives. Select according to pallet material: select pallet of different material according to different use environment. Because of the strong hygroscopicity of some material pallets, such as wooden pallets, they can not be used in humid environment, otherwise they will directly affect the service life. Ordinary warehouses are not allowed to store and transport class A, class B and other inflammable, explosive, highly toxic dangerous goods and radioactive substances.

In case of temporary storage and transportation, the regulations on safety management of hazardous chemicals shall be strictly followed. The warehouse of blow molding pallet manufacturer shall keep the environment clean and tidy, and the goods shall be arranged in order to ensure the smooth passage. Single side tray has only one bearing surface.

It is not suitable for stacking or stamping, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the lower cargo. Therefore, if the cargo needs to be stacked after being transferred, the double-sided pallet must be selected as far as possible. If the tray is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse, the cleaning effect shall be ensured without damaging the tray when cleaning the tray.

The cleaning of the steel wire ball will leave traces, although the cleaning is convenient and no problems can be seen in a short time. But in the long run, blow molding tray manufacturers remind us not to clean the tray violently. The clean tray can be dried naturally without sun exposure. Plastic pallets are relatively moisture resistant. I hope these cleaning tray strategies can help you to make your tray cleaner and longer-term use.




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