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The influence of calcium carbonate on plastic pallet


Dalian plastic pallets are generally blue, which greatly facilitates many plastic pallet manufacturers to use recycled plastic plastic pallets, on the one hand, it disturbs the market order, on the other hand, it is the users who suffer losses. This kind of transfer effect not only exists between enterprises and customers, but also exists in customers themselves. Customers now prefer plastic pallet brands.

In the future, a brand of plastic pallet will still be remembered, which is why many enterprises are willing to spend a lot of money to build the industry brand. Plastic pallet has a high price, but it has a good promotion effect on the transportation environment and goods. Now, there are assembly line enterprises in the plastic pallet industry, which have strict requirements on production and processing.

The current technology level can also reach the non-toxic and pollution-free level. Inflammables and explosives shall not be stored in the same warehouse as general materials. It must be placed in a special warehouse for inflammable and explosive products. Instead, these scratches are more easy to receive filth, making the tray not easy to clean, affecting the appearance. Twice at a time will not affect the life of the tray, more clean, but also damage the life of the tray.

Temperature situation: different use temperatures directly affect the selection of pallet manufacturing materials. This is because the pallets of different materials have a temperature range in which their performance can normally play. For example, the use temperature of plastic food tray is between + 40 and - 2. Adding a part of calcium carbonate and other heavy substances to the product not only reduces their production cost but also greatly improves the weight of the product itself. However, consumers are kept in the dark. So in the daily process of purchasing plastic pallets.




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