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The benefits of plastic pallet brand


Get used to the brand benefits of plastic pallets Dalian plastic pallets are suitable for the following industries: chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, shoemaking, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, wharves, catering, biological medicine, mechanical hardware, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, three-dimensional storage, logistics and transportation, warehouse handling, storage shelves, auto parts, beer and beverage, electricity Textile printing and dyeing of electronics.

Because this kind of tray needs to be used repeatedly, and it needs to be used together with the forklift, so the strength of the tray is required to be high, so the structure of the tray is required to be "Tian" line or "Chuan" line. It's just the characteristics of the product itself. It can't form a brand benefit without some other functions.

Because the function of the product will change, it is difficult to leave a fixed impression on the market, but when the brand is established, it will form a continuous transmission effect. Environmental cleanliness: the environment with a high degree of pollution must choose a tray that is pollution-resistant and easy to clean. Such as plastic food tray, composite plastic wood tray, etc. How do we choose the color of the plastic tray.

That color of plastic tray will be healthier, is the most common blue, or color rich other colors. Pallets are used as floor planks, that is, pallets will not move after loading goods, but only play the role of moisture-proof and waterproof. Pallets with simple structure and low cost can be selected, such as simple nine foot plastic pallets.

But pay attention to the static load of the tray. Wooden pallet is cheap, but easy to damage, suitable for those goods with low requirements for transportation environment. Blow molding warehouse must be equipped with enough fire extinguishers and guide everyone to use them. Regularly check whether the fire-fighting facilities are available.




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