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Lets see the meaning of self weight of plastic tray


Dalian plastic tray for the answer is very simple: pure color of course does not affect the quality of plastic tray products. In our daily life, when we buy plastic tray, we can see that the color of plastic tray is various, including blue, green, black, yellow and other colors. We can directly connect clean water in the open place and wash it with water pipe.

This method is relatively simple and common, because people can clean the dust in daily use. Properly increase the water pressure, stubborn stains can also be washed out, with a soft brush or cloth cleaning will be twice the result. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, you can choose a cleaner suitable for plastic.

According to your use needs to select the applicable plastic tray, and the price of plastic tray is related to the self weight of plastic tray, the heavier the more expensive! The price of plastic raw materials is mainly related to oil. When the price of oil rises, the price of pallets will certainly rise. If the price of oil rises, the price of plastic pallets will not rise. It is also necessary to consider whether the structure of pallets is suitable for stacking on shelves.

Since the goods can only be inserted and taken from the shelves in two directions, the pallets used on the shelves should be made of food plastic pallets with four forks as much as possible, which is convenient for forklift to pick up the goods and improve the working efficiency. Such a tray generally selects the structure of Tian word lines. Select the tool according to the actual use scenario.

Soft bristle brush can choose long handle soft bristle brush, the operation is more convenient, the work efficiency is higher. The pressure of the water gun can be used according to the actual situation without damaging the tray structure. When managers leave the warehouse, they must turn off the power supply to avoid accidents.




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