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Mesh reinforced in longitudinal and transverse direction


0.5mm progressive diameter can be used for Dalian mesh. Considering the transportation conditions, the length and width of the welding network should not exceed 12m and 3.4m respectively. The spacing of steel bars (or longitudinal bars) in the production direction of welded mesh should be 100, 150 and 200 mm. The LL 550 cold-rolled ribbed bars with a diameter of 4 mm to 12 mm specified in GB / T 13788 can also be lg550 cold-rolled Plain Bars with a diameter of 4 mm to 12 mm.

The bottom reinforcement and the face reinforcement shall be arranged in the vertical and horizontal directions, that is, the reinforcement shall be arranged in the X and Y directions of the base plate and the panel, and each layer of reinforcement shall be arranged in the vertical and horizontal directions. In order to balance, in addition to the tensile reinforcement corresponding to the concrete in the compression area, the tensile reinforcement with the same area as the compression reinforcement in the compression area should be added.

Ground heating mesh, also known as geothermal mesh and special mesh for floor heating, the diameter of welded mesh reinforcement is 4-14mm, and the spacing of reinforcement in the other direction is generally 100, 150, 200, 300mm, sometimes 400mm. The main laying steps of reinforcing mesh. ф 4 @ 200 two-way reinforcement mesh refers to the reinforcement with diameter of 4mm and spacing of 200mm in both directions.

Double layer, that is, because the plate has a certain thickness, it uses a layer of steel bars at the top of the plate and a layer of steel bars at the bottom of the plate, which is double layer. When double-layer two-way reinforcement is arranged, the short direction reinforcement at the bottom of the slab shall be placed at the bottom. If there is no requirement for the width of 300mm, the diameter of steel wire shall not be less than 0.6mm, and the outer wall is generally required to be fully hung.

The junction of different materials includes brick wall and surrounding wall column, structural column, and wall trunking. In order to ensure the integrity of the mesh and the stress of the mesh and concrete at the joint, it is necessary to bind and lap the mesh with binding wire. At the joint of mesh and mesh, the overlapping length shall be ensured.





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