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Lets see the service life of the mesh


Dalian mesh shall be installed with design drawings for positioning, followed by the installation of reinforcement mesh, mesh again, and then inspection and acceptance. The laying sequence of reinforcement mesh is: first, install the bottom mesh. If two adjacent meshes need to be built, wire shall be used for binding and fixation at the center of the overlap, and the number of binding points shall not be less than three.

When double-layer welded reinforcing mesh is used, the interval between two layers of welded reinforcing mesh shall not be less than 60mm. After the floor heating pipe is laid, only one layer of steel wire mesh is often needed. Its function is to cover the cement layer on the floor heating pipe after stretching to prevent cracking, so it's useless to put more layers.

Adding steel mesh in the concrete can increase the crack resistance, compression resistance and other properties of the concrete, which is conducive to increase the service life of the concrete. At the joint of the mesh, the overlapping length of the mesh shall be ensured, and the position of the mesh in the concrete can be fixed by binding and overlapping with binding wire, so that the mesh reinforcement can play a role.

If the additional reinforcement and welded mesh are connected with each other, each node must be reinforced and bound firmly. During the installation, enough horse stool and cushion block shall be padded to ensure the size and thickness of the reinforcement in the concrete. If it is the reinforcement mesh to be set during plastering, there will be galvanized wire mesh generally.

This can be found in the description, such as materials, specifications, setting requirements, etc. Because the local thickness of the bottom roughening is over 20mm, it must be survived in layers. The thickness of the first roughening should be controlled within 20mm and pressed tightly to prevent the bottom roughening from falling off. The second roughening should be carried out the next day after the completion of the head roughening.




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