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Dalian mesh is divided by shape and specification


The code of Dalian mesh and cold-rolled ribbed steel bar is LL550 (L and L are Pinyin letterheads of "cold-rolled" and "ribbed" respectively, 550 is the standard value of tensile strength of steel bar 550MPa), which is made of crb510 cold drawn plain steel bar. A welded mesh should be welded with the same type of reinforcement. According to the shape and specification, the welded mesh can be divided into two types: setting and customization.

For the plastering layer, the grid should not be more than 20 × 20, and the diameter should not be less than 1mm. It is of little significance to select the diameter. Select 0.9 × 40 × 40 and 0.6 × 10 × 10 wire mesh, better 0.6 × 10 × 10. In the calculation of beams, when the load is large and the concrete in the compression area of beams is not enough to bear the compressive stress, a part of reinforcement and concrete should also be arranged in the compression area to bear the compressive stress together.

This kind of reinforcement is called the stressed reinforcement in the compression area. The wall is made of steel wire mesh, not steel mesh. It is set at the junction of different materials, such as the junction of concrete and brick masonry, to prevent the plastering layer from cracking. The general method is to nail the steel wire mesh (or steel plate mesh) with a width of 300 and press each side of different materials into 150 mm.

The steel wire mesh is a kind of heat preservation and crack prevention material in the construction engineering. The construction effect is very good, and it has been trusted by the construction industry. After the completion of bottom roughening, make the second layer of ash cake, with the thickness controlled at 6-8mm. The vertical and horizontal lines of the window installation, the dividing lines and the vertical lines of the hole reserved on the wall, the air conditioning hole, the smoke exhaust hole and the water heater hole on the external wall must be snapped.

It is a kind of good and efficient material for concrete plate. There are two layers of steel mesh in two directions. Cast in situ slab reinforcement, this is two-way.




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