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Vertical and horizontal mesh installation mode


The effect of Dalian mesh on cracking resistance is relatively small, because of the location problem; for the external insulation system, it is used in the facing of facing brick. As for the function, first of all, it should also be anti shedding and second, it should be anti cracking. In this case, grid 0.6 × 10 × 10 should be selected, and the grid conversion comes from the specification of wire mesh specified by the state.

Grade conversion of steel content is adopted. Structural quality, safety and reliability, and changing the traditional construction methods are of great significance, which can be used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures and ordinary reinforcement of prestressed concrete structures. In order to standardize the production and application of this material and promote the industrialization level of China's construction industry, the industry standard Yb / t076-1995 is formulated.

The second is the installation of reinforcement and mat net, the second is the installation of bearing surface net, and the vertical and horizontal surface net, and then the installation of reinforcement and mat net. In the installation of the bottom net, there are several points that need special attention. First, the main stressed bars should be installed under the net, and in the laying of the opposite net, the main stressed bars should be installed above the net.

It is made of high-quality Q235 low-carbon steel wire by row welding. It has the characteristics of flat mesh, firm solder joints, uniform mesh and so on. Its function is to enhance the overall strength of the heat insulation plate, and to facilitate the installation and fixation of the heating pipe. The commonly used specifications of floor heating mesh are: wire diameter 2mm, mesh 10cm × 10cm, length width 1m × 2m.

For the surface reinforcement, the short direction reinforcement shall be placed on the top, and the long direction reinforcement shall be placed under the short direction reinforcement. In general, if double-layer two-way reinforcement is set, negative reinforcement can not be set. Steel mesh shall be added to the concrete floor, and the mesh shall be bound.




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