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Plastic tray is popular with the public


Dalian plastic pallets can also be used in cold storage, but the life of pallets without adding antifreeze is long. Plastic pallet has toughness because of its material. In transportation and stacking goods, it has higher load and better toughness than wooden pallet. Plastic tray is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The old uncle's wooden tray has been gradually replaced by plastic tray, which is widely favored by the public.

In the food, storage, medicine, agriculture, machinery manufacturing and other industries, we can also customize brand pallets according to customer requirements, more professional and beautiful. According to the type of plastic tray, there are also differences in load-bearing. Compared with the chuanzi and Tianzi plastic pallets, the plastic pallets are light plastic pallets with relatively low load-bearing performance, and there is not much difference between the chuanzi and Tianzi plastic pallets.

You can choose according to the actual needs. This kind of tray has complex shape, large investment and high cost, but due to less production process, higher production efficiency and better product quality. Generally, this method is not widely used in plastic processing plants. The product is made of hmwhdpe high-strength plastic, which has high molding speed, good product quality, high strength, high rigidity and very long service life.

Generally, the service life of blow molding tray can reach 5-10 years, and it can work stably in the environment of - 40-40 ℃. The dynamic load of the product can reach more than 3T, and the bending strength can reach a high level. The single-sided plastic tray is mainly used for packaging and transportation of small motors (such as vacuum cleaner motor, electric tool motor, etc.) and wire trays. It has developed rapidly and is mainly dedicated.

The double-sided plastic tray is of assembly type, which can be divided into two forms: the top half is extruded fixed length and fixed width plastic plate, the bottom half is large-scale vacuum plastic products; the top and bottom half are large-scale vacuum plastic products. Large vacuum equipment is needed for the production and molding of the method. The equipment cost is low, and the mold cost is also low, but the product wall thickness is uneven. Low cost, better performance price ratio, Beijing, Guangdong and other places have already produced this product.




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