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Handling cost saving plastic pallets


Dalian plastic tray double-sided assembled tray, that is, the double-sided integrated tray is divided into upper and lower two pieces, respectively, after injection molding and then assembled. Although the product needs 2 sets of dies, the die structure is greatly reduced, and the total investment of the die is still cheaper than that of the integral type. At the same time, the requirements for the clamping force of the equipment are also reduced, and the clamping force ≥ 1500 tons.

General plastic processing plants are relatively easy to do. The cost of plastic pallet of the same size is 300-400 yuan. Although it is solid and durable, once damaged, it can only be scrapped as a whole because it cannot be repaired. It will not deteriorate for a long time, is impact resistant, high temperature resistant, and can be recycled after being discarded; the wooden pallet can be repaired after being damaged, but its texture is easy to be affected with damp, deterioration, mildew and moth, and it can not be cleaned.

The splicing screws are easy to rust, which can not be used in some industries, and easy to contaminate products or materials. Then assemble. The emergence of WPC promotes the development of plastic pallet by extrusion molding. It is made of natural plant fiber (including wood powder, husk, straw powder, rice bran, etc.) and waste plastics.

The plastic tray has the advantages of woodiness, water resistance and insect resistance, and can be planed, sawn and nailed. Among the four forming methods, the production equipment and mould investment are the least. Because of its advanced technology and good materials, plastic pallet is superior to wooden pallet in use mode and service life. In terms of cost, plastic pallet can be recycled after being abandoned and discount treatment can save cost.

The wooden pallet can only be repaired or discarded after it is damaged, and it will cost processing cost. The advantages of replaceable parts, especially the ECR standard wooden pallet of China Merchants Lukai, are close to the quality standard of plastic pallet, and the price is only half of that of plastic pallet. Compared with the same type of wooden pallet, its quality standard and product reliability are more than the general wooden pallet, and its bearing capacity and service life are ahead of the similar products.




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