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Talk about the advantages of plastic tray


Dalian plastic pallet production mode may become the mainstream of plastic pallet production. The second is extrusion blow molding. The extrusion hollow blow molding of plastic tray is similar to the general blow molding method of hollow products. Because the products are large and double-sided, large extruder, die closing machine and die are needed.

At present, the domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed a super large hollow molding machine that specializes in high-speed production of high-strength blow molding tray. The wood tray is superior to the plastic tray in terms of use cost, service life, environmental protection and maintainability. Of course, the plastic tray has its advantages in some specific fields.

For example, medicine and food. Generally speaking, the load-bearing performance of plastic pallet is relatively good, and with the development of modern logistics, blow molding pallet can be used in cold storage. It can withstand low temperature of - 40 ℃. However, the pallet used in cold storage must choose pure new material pallet, and do not choose the recycled material at a low price. Plastic pallets are easy to clean and disinfect.

It is not easy to be polluted and has good stability. Flat tray surface is smooth and flat, (grid tray can not store paper) is equipped with anti-skid pad. Pallets are used more and more widely in various industries. At present, two kinds of pallets are widely used in the market, namely plastic pallets and traditional wooden pallets.

So what's the difference between the two pallets? Next for you to analyze the difference between the two kinds of pallets, requiring the production of injection molding machines with a clamping force of more than 2500 tons. The plastic pallets produced by this method are all assembled. That is to say, extruder, head and other equipment are used to extrude the battens used as upper and lower panels and I-shaped connecting plates with multiple wings used as connection support.




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