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Buying the right plastic tray is not easy


Dalian plastic pallet is light in weight, stable in structure, but high in cost. It is made of plastic, which belongs to non degradable material and will cause great pollution to the environment. But the cost of wooden pallet is lower, and adopting rotation cutting mode will better protect the ecological environment, more environmental protection than plastic pallet, and more recycling and sustainable development of enterprises.

It is convenient for you to buy the right products when you choose to buy pallets. There are four molding methods for plastic pallet: one is injection molding. The plastic pallet products produced by injection molding method are flat, smooth, crisp and dense, and the product design freedom is large. They are divided into two types: double-sided integral plastic pallet and double-sided assembled plastic pallet.

The double-sided integral tray usually has a self weight of more than 15kg / piece, and its shape is relatively complex. It is a tray that needs long life and high-strength service environment. Its price is higher than other plastic trays, because its service life is particularly long, so its cost performance is higher than that of all trays. This method is greatly reduced with the price of forming equipment.

The load-bearing plastic tray can meet the needs of the industry. PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (polyethylene) two environmental protection materials are used for plastic tray for injection molding and blow molding. The injection molding process is relatively mature, the structure is flexible and easy to clean. The wooden tray is made of pure wood splicing. Compared with the wooden tray, the plastic tray is light, flexible and has better impact resistance. For saving limited oil resources and saving logistics costs has a greater advantage. The third is vacuum molding. There are also two kinds of plastic pallets produced by vacuum molding, one-sided and two-sided.




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