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About the decoration of pet cage


The stainless steel of Dalian pet cage has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, that is, rust resistance, and the ability to resist corrosion in the medium containing acid, alkali and salt, that is, corrosion resistance. However, its corrosion resistance is determined by the chemical composition of the steel itself, the state of addition and interaction, and the dust containing other metal elements or the attachment of dissimilar metal particles on the stainless steel surface.

In the humid air, the condensation water between the attachment and stainless steel forms a micro battery, which leads to electrochemical reaction and damages the protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion. There are acid, alkali and salt substances on the surface of stainless steel (such as alkali water and lime water splashing on the decoration wall), causing local corrosion.

It is necessary to clean and scrub the surface of decorative stainless steel frequently to remove the attachments and external factors that cause the decoration. The chemical composition of some stainless steel pipes on the market can not meet the corresponding national standards, and can not meet the requirements of 304 material. Therefore, it will also cause rust, which requires users to carefully select products from reputable manufacturers. This kind of film has been destroyed constantly.

Oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will penetrate or iron atoms in the metal will separate out, forming loose iron oxide, and the metal surface will be continuously rusted. The surface film is destroyed in many ways. It moved to the seaside area and soon rusted in the sea fog with a lot of salt.

And 316 steel pipe is good. Pet cages made of stainless steel will also rust under certain conditions. It can cause the damage of the protective film on the surface of stainless steel and lead to corrosion. Therefore, to ensure that the metal surface is bright and not rusted.





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